Background to the Tairawhiti Technology Trust


The Tairawhiti Technology Trust began as the Tairawhiti Computer Hub Trust, a project of 'Gizzy Geeks' — an informal group of Information Technology (IT) professionals that work with computers in this unique region of New Zealand. The group meet up monthly and talk about what is new and important in IT for this place. It has grown over the last 20 or so years from the informal Gisborne Network Users Group and currently has over 200 members in our Facebook Group.


The Trust’s strategic aims include enhancing local community's engagement with cutting edge technology, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship and offering future employment opportunity in the region.


The Trust believes that the internet can be the “death of distance” and it is possible to use the internet to be based in Tairawhiti, receive education from around the world and then base a business here servicing clients in New Zealand or worldwide.

At the Trust's core is proving local community computer hubs that will contain self-paced learning resources to be made available to those people that have a yearning for developing ideas with technology.


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