The International Computers Driving License (ICDL) programme enables you to learn and certify your computer skills to an internationally recognised standard. It’s a high-quality online computer training and testing programme that’s been designed and approved by academic experts from around the world.

ICDL is for anyone who wants to become fully competent in the use of a computer and common applications (like Word processing and Spreadsheets) to improve their personal and professional lives.

Who it’s targeted to: –

Base, Standard and Advanced computer users

Base computer knowledge needed at the start: –

Intermediate level – know how to use Office Software

How it is delivered: –

14 Modules to choose from


Tutor to help if needed

Diagnostic Test in each module then Certificate Test

Cost: –

Free for Unemployed – Cost per Module for Waged Staff

Time cost (Your Commitment): –

3 to 10 hours for New Computer User

1 to 2 hours for Confident Computer User (Diagnostic and Tests Only)

Where it’s done: –

At a Computer Hub


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